The Big Daddy of all Smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

February 23, 2020

These days everyone wants a bigger screen phone in their pocket as the quality of visual content has reached to an another level and to enjoy that content on the move and most of the time you need a phone that has that large screen with great quality of the screen. And Samsung got its hand by getting a phone that is biggest in screen size than all of the smartphones present till now and lies in the screen ranges of some tablets that is the 7 inch screen mobile phone, price will be dependent on that. Yes we are talking about the newest launch from the company Samsung the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The flagship phone from the brand that will get its lead from the other brands for a long time for the type of components and features provided in the phone. Being the Samsung’s biggest screen Android phone with the most daring sales pitch that you can own the world’s most advanced 5G enabled smartphone which has the company’s best camera present till date. And yes that’s true to afford the most expensive non-foldable smartphone present in the market.

The Ultra is mainly different for three things than the normal S20 series- first is that massive 6.9 inch display clocking at 120 Hz that will demand you to stretch your hand and will decide this 7 inch screen mobile phone price. The second feature is the quad lens rear cameras setup offering a mind numbing 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom after that and allows you to record videos in 8K resolution that is first one for any phone. The last one is that 5G antennas that will allow you to get blistering speeds even when compared to Galaxy S20 and S20 plus.

And now to work with that quad lens setup the most robust camera app out of all the big camera phone brands in incorporated in it to get the best out of the images. Talking about the specifications of the S20 Ultra than it falls in the category of the laptop one’s meaning that it is more than what you will ever need in a smartphone. A combination of 512 GB of high speed internal storage, 7 nm chipset and a 16 GB RAM that is what you get with that Ultra level of S20. And to get these big numbers present as component in phone for a longer time a 5,000 mAh battery is provided with it. This battery will handle that battery intensive 5G-signal and the  in-screen fingerprint provided in the phone.

It’s not easy to justify this 7 inch screen mobile phone price that is around $1,499 for S20 Ultra for everyone but the phone is also not meant for everyone. This phone is for those who want to get their phones upgraded from the previous generation flagship phones that they are using and who can’t downgrade to lower level phone. After getting this phone you don’t need to get the phone upgraded for a long time.

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